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27. November 2019

Customer service mission in New Zealand

Professional planning and quick implementation: This is how customer service works at Doppelmayr/Garaventa international.

Rotorua, New Zealand, is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. A key attraction for this region is the Skyline Gondola taking guests up to a renowned restaurant and extensive recreational facilities overlooking Lake Rotorua.

Following the order for the new equipment in early 2019, Doppelmayr New Zealand began the task of planning and organization for this significant maintenance project. In August this year, on-site work began. An experienced local team supported by experts from the Doppelmayr/Garaventa Group worked tirelessly to complete the significant scope of work in the limited time period available.

Tasks completed during this work included a motor and gearbox exchange, frequency converter upgrade, load testing and commissioning, bullwheel bearing replacement and hydraulic system servicing. Following this, a shortening splice was carried out on the haul rope. The work program was completed in only 10 days and the lift returned back to operation a day ahead of schedule. A great result for everyone involved.

As with any shutdown maintenance of this nature, key factors to a successful outcome are having the right experience, skills, tools and technical resources planned and available ensuring maximum work efficiency. This is something the Doppelmayr New Zealand team take seriously and are proud to be able offer their customers a high level of support and service.